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Year 5: Lions Class


Term 4 news

We have been enjoying finding out about Space with Mrs Redshaw and with the help of some tinfoil, a bowl of water and a torch, we now know why stars twinkle!

We are coming to the end of our topic about invasion and have been learning about what the Romans brought to Britain. To finish the topic we found out how archaeologists made their discoveries about the foods the Romans used to eat, this involved making fake coprolites (fossilised faeces) using flour, salt and oil and then adding foods that the Romans introduced to Britain. We then challenged our friends to excavate them and collect the evidence! 


Term 3 news

This term we have been set the challenge of writing and making our adventure film: The Lost City of Gold. The adventure is about a group of detectives who are invited to Columbia to solve a mystery. So far we have created a name for the detective agency: The Detective Agency of the World (D.A.W) and written profiles for our three central characters. We enjoyed making life size character outlines and writing our ideas inside them. Each week we are set a different writing task which we will then bring to life using movie making software. At the end of all our hard work, we will host a film premiere for parents. Watch this space for more news!


In Maths Week, we have enjoyed playing and designing our own Maths games. In P.E we created orienteering maps and set maths challenges for other teams to solve as they navigated their way along each map route. It really made us think! 


Term 2 news


At the end of our WWII topic, we had our own VE day party. We made a selection of sandwiches using rationed foods, sang songs from the 1940s and played traditional games such as hopscotch. We liked the spam sandwiches but didn't think much of the fish paste!


Look at the Anderson Shelters we made:


We have been very busy this term, working hard to meet our targets in English and Maths. We have enjoyed researching and making notes about Anderson and Morrison shelters and have used this information to write non-chronological reports. We have also designed our own Anderson shelters using a range of materials, thinking about ways to keep them sturdy, strong and waterproof! Watch this space to see our finished designs! In Science, we have enjoyed finding out about thermal conductors, insulators and the processes of changing states including evaporation, dissolving and filtering. 

Term 1 news

No Pens Wednesday

We really enjoyed putting our pens down for the day and using different methods for recording our ideas.  As we are learning how to write news reports, we were given the challenge to organise a newspaper article into the correct order and label the different parts. We also enjoyed making minecraft mosaics for our reading corner, as well as foil sculptures which we had to speak about in front of the class. 


We have started to read our class text The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and used this to write character descriptions, evacuee letters and diary entries from different points of view.  This links with our History topic for Terms 1 and 2 which is World War II. So far, we have been developing our Geography skills and finding countries in Europe using Google Earth and atlases. We are now learning about the reasons why the war started and the impact this had on Britain at the time. To help our learning, we made a trip to Dover Castle and explored the Underground Hospital - it was very dark and smelly!

This term we are enjoying weekly swimming sessions at Rye leisure centre, as well as learning the rules and positions in netball.  

Read, Explore And Discover (READ)

As well as the school's incentive scheme for rewarding reading at home, we have a reading competition in class too. Every time children read at home, this counts towards an award, starting with a Bronze award acknowledging when children have read on 10 occasions at home. After 30 reads, children can then start to work towards raffle tickets. At the end of each term, all of the children who have received raffle tickets get a chance to win a prize.  

Big Maths

The weekly Big Maths challenge comprises a series of timed tests on times tables and addition and subtraction facts, including doubles and near doubles. We practise the test during the week and then complete the actual test each Friday. Once children have achieved the maximum score three weeks in a row, they can move on to the next level. 


This term, children have been asked to research something which the Romans brought to Britain. The deadline for projects is Wednesday 21st March. There will be an opportunity to look at these projects next term.