Lydd Primary School

Lydd Primary School
Village Academy

Physical Education (PE)

We aim to ensure that all children take part in and enjoy appropriate sporting activities, both as part of the curriculum provision and in the many after school clubs that are provided.

We encourage the children to both compete with themselves and each other and to co-operate as part of a team. Our annual sports day has a traditional, competitive nature together with a series of activities that all children can enjoy.

Sporting Provision

All the children in years 3,4,5,and 6 get the opportunity to swim for a 6 week period.  The decision for this was made due to the proximity of water for all of the children in the form of the lakes and sea.  As a school we aim to improve all children’s swimming ability and water confidence.

We aim to encourage intra school activity with local school in a range of activities. After school clubs are arranged to meet the needs of these activities and festivals.

PE (19 images)

Some of the activities that we have enjoyed in PE.

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