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Year 3: Monkey Class

A message from the Class Teacher

Welcome to Year 3 and the Monkey class. The Class Teacher is Miss C. Dear and the class TA/pupil support is split between Mrs Wellstead (Mon, Tues and Thurs mornings), Miss Flanagan (Wed and Fri mornings) and Mrs Alley in the afternoons.

A very warm welcome to year 3. We hope that your child has settled in to the new school year as we are aware there is a jump from KS1 into KS2, and that they have enjoyed their first few weeks of the term as part of the Monkey class.

Term 1/2 update:

We have had a busy start to the new term and we have been working hard in lots of subject areas.


In English we are currently studying “The frog Prince Continued” and we are enjoying the story and have been working on the characters and the story it brings. It joins together different fairy tale stories giving the pupils lots to discover. We have been thinking about the characters and using our senses to describe them and starting developing their extended writing skills, using adverbs, verbs and similes.

We will continue to do this in English activities for the next few weeks.


In maths, we started looking at Place Value and Number Bonds. This allowed progression with partitioning skills.

This week we have started looking at using more formal methods of addition, which will progress into subtraction methods.

We have introduced 5 A Day early morning activities, Big Maths which we complete once a week and the Multiplication challenge also completed once a week.

Hopefully your child has shared with you their question test papers, big maths and multiplication challenges.


In Science we are currently finding out about food, diet and the human body. We have been looking and learning about food, balanced diet and how humans and animal get food and what our bodies get from different food groups.



In Topic we are currently studying Ancient Egyptians. We are discovering lots of new facts about Ancient Egypt. Including who, when and where. We will be learning about the pyramids, mummies, tombs and much more.

Through different activities we will discover and learn key information, dates and key events about the Ancient Egyptians.


As a class our PE lessons are on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. This term we are working on team work and playing, completing tasks in groups and small teams. This includes listening to each other, following the rules and trying to workout team tactics.


Homework is sent out on a Friday and is to be returned by the following Wednesday, thank you.

Please do feel free to pop in if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you over the coming year.