Lydd Primary School

Lydd Primary School
Village Academy

The Village Academy

We are a group of mainly rural primary schools comprising:

Selling Church of England Primary School
Lynsted and Norton Primary School
Milstead and Frinsted Church of England School
Petham Primary School
Pilgrims’ Way Primary School and Nursery
Lydd Primary School
Dymchurch Primary School

As an Academy, each school has it's own Head Teacher who runs the school on a day-to day basis, and also share a number of central Academy staff who support all the schools.

Mr Ian Fidge (Principal) visits each school to see classes and meet with staff. This enables him to maintain an oversight of progress and standards at the school.

The Senior Leadership Team (Principal and Deputy Principal) are supported by Mrs Deborah Harris, PA to the Senior Leadership Team.

Mrs Kelly Collens (Assistant Principal) helps to support each of the Academy Schools as part of the Senior Leadership Team.

Mrs Lisa Goldsworthy (AENCo) spends time each week at each school. She carries out classroom observations, attends meetings with external agencies and with parents, and advises staff on provision for children with additional needs.

Mrs Anne Bartlett (Bursar) oversees the finances systems of the Academy and Mrs Amanda Watson who oversees the HR and Payroll function for the Academy.

In addition to the on-site support described above, all central Academy staff provide daily remote support, via telephone, email and instant messenger to staff at each of the Schools.

How the schools benefit from being part of The Village Academy

Each school benefits from the following:

  • Leadership meetings. These give the Head Teachers the opportunity to share good ideas and resources with, and seek advice from, Mr Fidge, Directors and the other Heads in the Academy.

  • Termly ‘Challenge’ meetings, between the Head of School, Mr Fidge, members of the Senior Leadership Team and at least one Director, to explore the school’s performance and ensure that improvements are rapid and sustained.

  • Termly Best Practice Meetings. Teachers who are subject leaders and Year Group Leaders attend meetings with their colleagues from other schools, again to share best practice and solutions to any difficulties which have arisen.

  • Academy moderation. Teachers from all the schools in the Academy look at samples of writing and maths from a random selection of children and assess those samples. This ensures that our assessments in these subjects is consistent and accurate.

  • Academy-wide training. Staff have received training in a number of areas including Pie Corbett writing techniques, strategies for supporting dyslexic children and Irlen’s Syndrome. This is in addition to the weekly professional development sessions in school. Some of these sessions would not be financially viable for the school on its own.

  • Networking opportunities. Teachers from each school report that being able to talk to, and even visit, another teacher in the same year group has been very beneficial.

  • IT support. Access to IT support has significantly improved data reporting at our schools, as well as improving the speed with which technical problems are resolved.

  • Schools have access to the Academy’s counsellor, Mr Jez Aitkens, who will see children on a referral basis.

  • Schools also have access to the Academy’s qualified Irlen’s screener, Mrs Sheila Johnson.

For further information about The Village Academy including all our policies, please visit our website